8 ideas
8 ideas

What is it?

Getxophoto is a festival focused on the image that has been held in Getxo –Basque Country– since 2007, created and managed by Begihandi. An initiative in continuous search of being more participative, committed and sustainable.

A conversation

We conceive the festival as a platform from which to address current challenges through different proposals by visual artists from all over the world, with the aim of creating spaces for reflection and establishing a collective conversation.

Public space

We defend public space (both physical and online) as a place of encounter, mutual recognition and a field for experimentation, play and celebration against its homogenisation and privatisation. For this reason, most of the programme consists of outdoor installations, highlighting the link between the image and the environment and generating a more horizontal and participatory relationship with the public.


We believe that one of the greatest values of a festival is its capacity to generate links between people, between artists and audiences. We try to reinforce the social fabric.


We pay special attention to the territory where Getxophoto takes place. We are a local festival with an international perspective that is committed to a culture of proximity in which the citizens are at the centre. We also promote the active involvement of the local community in the festival by working with shopkeepers, restaurateurs, artists or enthusiasts.


We understand the Internet as a space where visual culture is also developed. We carry out online programming that includes live automated processes, interactive websites, WhastApp groups, podcasts or 3D models, among others.


The idea of minimising our environmental impact and being an increasingly sustainable initiative guides our production policy and festival design.

Gender equality and intersectionality

We are committed to gender equality from an intersectional perspective. We take into account gender and other closely related issues such as age, class, gender identity, sexual orientation or race.

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