With the aim of making GETXOPHOTO an event increasingly aware of the environment, we have developed a sustainability plan and we have achieved the SUSTAINABLE EVENT recognition granted by Erronka Garbia – Basque Government. These are some of the initiatives we carry out:

Promotion of public transport and healthy habits

Reduction of printed materials and promotion of digital alternatives

Use of ecological inks in printing

Reuse of printed canvases (recycling project)

Green and socially responsible purchasing

Use of removable and reusable infrastructures

Signaling of water sources

Promotion of open air leisure, interest in culture and family activities


Reuse and transformation are the guiding watchwords for the recycling of the photographs after they have been exhibited. Parts of well-known authors’ photographs are transformed into original and unique pieces.

The meticulous manufacturing process is the responsibility of recycling and job placement companies, in this case  Liburki, from Bilbao.

We have started some collaborations with different artists coming form different artistic field such as Amaya Arzuaga, Antiatoms or Potipoti.

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