What is Getxophoto?


Promoted by the Begihandi collective, GETXOPHOTO is a festival dedicated to images that takes place in Getxo (Basque Country) and supports the exploration of formats, stands and unconventional exhibition spaces to show the different images.

This is a thematic festival that every three years works together  with a different curator who understands the photography as a tool of knowledge, communication, and of course artistic enjoyment.

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GETXOPHOTO supports -without forgetting what’s habitual- the exploration and experimentation of formats, materials and unconventional exhibition spaces, mainly public places. This is one of its main identity signs. It is not about decorating the city but cutting it to tell stories through especially chosen images. From walls to shops windows, containers, bars, yards or buildings, GETXOPHOTO wants to approach different looks to the citizens and not only arrange the pictures like works to be observed, but to create emotions around them: complicity, questioning, links between people and images, neighbors and visitors.

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Without forgetting our local authors, GETXOPHOTO has an international vocation but at the same time, looks for the active involvement of the community where it takes place. That is why, apart from its expositive part, the festival has a strong pedagogical component consisting of  workshops, guided visits, launches, projections and talks.

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See GETXOPHOTO means to take a tour, walk the city and meet or enter the exhibitions. The festival is designed to, map in hand, walk it calmly and comfortably in a few hours. In addition, it aspires to be a meeting point and exchange of experiences between authors, professionals and the public in general, an appointment where to learn without leaving aside the ludic aspect. During the opening week several of the participating artists come to the city and throughout the month there are many activities organized: guided tours, workshops, cinema, presentations, dialogues …

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Our interest is not only the photography and it is because of that, that we continue betting on working together with people from different disciplines. They are fashion designers, architects, editors, musicians, artist or publicists, who with their inputs contribute to the growth of this festival and help it to go beyond what is strictly photographic.