Can’t you manage anymore? Are you sick of running everywhere? Tired of always being available? Up to here with notifications, updates and endless family WhatsApp groups? Don’t worry, it’s burnout syndrome, a contemporary disease and the alienation of the 21st century. But burnout is more than tiredness; it describes deep fatigue, mixed with anger and boredom, and it happens when we lose our sense of personal fulfilment and feel separated from ourselves, as if our lives were being stolen away.

To measure your level of burnout, the Gheada collective has developed a Pausometer, a device that measures your need to stop based on the decibels with which you are able to shout the Getxophoto 2023 motto, PAUSE! If you reach the required volume, the device will give you a souvenir photo that immortalizes this moment of relief and liberation.

Co-founded by Raquel Durán and Rut Briones, Gheada is a multidisciplinary artistic studio based in Bilbao specialized in immersive, interactive and performative experiences. They develop cultural projects in which technology and craftsmanship converge in the service of an immersive narrative, offering multi-layered sensory experiences. They collaborate with numerous stage companies designing their projections, and have also carried out projects for institutions such as Centro Botín, Fundación Bilbao 700, Teatro Arriaga, Bilbao City Hall, among others. Their work has been exhibited at the Festival Proyector in Matadero Madrid, the Umbra Festival or the Auditorium of Galicia and have received grants from the BilbaoArte Foundation, the Kunsthaus of Bregenz (Austria), the Basque Government or the Montehermoso Cultural Center.

A. Resano


VENUE: Market
ADDRESS: Torrene 4, Algorta