Coaster Route

Coaster Route

BARS: Etxetxu Berria, Baster Taberna, Alkartetxe, Casino Algorteño, Brasagoiti Bar, Tximist, El Huerto, La Fiambrera 

If you are from Algorta, just by listening to Gwendo you will know that we are talking about the Gwendolyne discotheque, a landmark venue for live music that was active from 1973 to 1999. The Gwendo is part of our collective memory and this year we wanted to give it a nod to celebrate its legacy.

Several photographs, sent by different people from the town through a popular call, are circulating in coaster format in a very cool limited and collectible edition. There are 8 images printed on coasters and distributed in 8 bars in Algorta. Each bar will give you a different model with your beer, wine or soft drink. They are free but, have a drink to our health!

If you want to make us jealous, tag us on Instagram @getxophoto and share your photos with us with the hashtag #coastercoasterroute.

Bars on the route:

Etxetxu Berria (Amezti, 2)

Baster Taberna (Orobio, 2)

Alkartetxe (Gaztelugatxe, 1)

Casino Algorteño (Basagoiti, 47)

Brasagoiti Bar (Basagoiti, 50)

Tximist (Urgull, s/n)

El Huerto (Torrene, 5)

La Fiambrera (Basagoiti, 44)