Your favourite artists at home! Turn your home into an ephemeral art gallery and get to know the works of eight local artists. A project by Sebastian Schmieg, curated and delivered by MawatreS.

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With this group exhibition at home, Sebastian Schmieg –artist- and MawatreS –curator- pervert and alter the role of the deliverer, turning the rider into a mediator, the backpack into a white cube, the merchandise into an instrument of reflection, the buyer into an active subject and the delivery address into a cultural space. In short, for an hour you can turn your home into an art gallery and, if you wish, purchase a piece. What a bargain!

Artists participating: Alain Urrutia, Gala Knörr, Ismael Iglesias, Jone Elorriaga, Jorge Isla, Liben Svaart, Mikel Erkiaga and Yohnattan Mignot.


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