Alerta vecino!

This project has been developed by Blanca Munt from her work Alerta Mira-sol, and is an experimental online project that explores social dynamics in neighbourhood watch chats.

Join the group!

Join in to collaborate in a neighbourhood watch network to make the world a safer place!

Participate in Alerta vecino! (Neighbour Alert!) and you will have access to tools to protect your home in collaboration with an online citizen community. For a month, you will learn simple techniques to keep your home and your loved ones safe, while helping other people. With free access, the WhatsApp group Alerta vecino! is a space for collaborative neighbourhood surveillance which is virtual and spam-free. Enter the chat, where you will receive tools and practical information, and you can take simple steps to help you prevent danger by using your mobile phone. Make your home and others’ a safe place!

*The group will be activated at the beginning of September, but registrations are already open.


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