The education programme aims to help the visitors approach the content of the Festival in a broader way, encouraging the participation, reflexion and creation through activities, actions, labs, walks and materials that allow other vision of the images.

This project is designed for kids, families, young people, adults, individuals, groups, amateurs, professionals… everyone is invited.

The visits program –day, night and for groups– is mediated by Nerea Mandiola.

Day visits

There’s no better way to get to know the Festival than visiting the exhibitions together with our teammate Nerea Mandiola.

Night visits

With the unusual light of flaslights, we suggest you a new way of approaching the artists’ works.

Getxophoto Por

Four friends of the Festival will share their personal and interesting point of view on some exhibitions. A unique and unrepeatable walk.


Participants will be able to share this Hamaiketako (lunch in Basque) around a table with these two local photographers.

Families. Clues for your visit

Mara Mara has once again put together a fun family-friendly material with questions, ideas, games and clues to see the Festival from a different point of view.

A conversation

Come and learn more about Now You See Me Moria, a collaborative project that shows the daily life in the European refugee camp of Moria (Lesbos Island, Greece) and tries to raise awareness about the situation there.

For groups

For groups or companies willing to know the Festival with specially designed tours. Get in touch.

Family visits

A special family tour led by a member of the Mara Mara team. Combining play and ideas, this is a short walk through some of the Festival’s exhibitions. Don’t miss it.


Do you have any question for us? Is there something you want to know about the Festival but haven’t found the time or place to ask it? In this transparency session, we open our office to answer all your questions. With no hidden cathces.


2021 edition