Las dos hebras

Taking as a starting point the genetic and emotional bond that unites her and her twin sister, the Colombian photographer Juno takes us on a journey through the molecular and symbolic relationship that unites everyone.

This series of photographs uses the history of genetics –developed by scientists like Rosalind Franklin– to investigate the representation of DNA, the molecule where the instructions for human development are written. The double helix that makes up its structure serves as a symbol for exploring the differences and similarities between two bodies and their features. Aesthetics typical of scientific research, timeless portraits and personal snapshots are combined to build a visual universe that combines mystery, experience, hypothesis and evidence.

Las dos hebras (The two strands) brings together molecular diagnostic images of the author and her sister, microscopic photographs taken in fertility labs, archive material of the history of genetics and other related photographs that allow us to explore what makes us similar.

Juliana Gómez Quijano was born in Medellín, Colombia, in 1985, where she currently lives. She studied Advertising at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín and completed a master’s degree in Fine Art Photography at Lens Escuela de Artes Visuales in Madrid in 2015. Her interest is focused on research and reflection on scientific knowledge, from where she builds bridges with her personal experiences. Her work has been exhibited individually and in groups in cities in Colombia, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, and has been recognised with various awards in his country of origin.



Las dos hebras

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