With Roc Herms and Daniel Moreno Roldán
When: September 4, Saturday
Hour: 16:00 – 20:00
Place: Romo Kultur Etxea (Santa Eugenia Plaza 1)
Prize: 10,00 €
Seats: 10


Instadeath is the act of dying instantly regardless of the armor or life points you have at the moment of impact. The last click before disappearing from Instagram without a trace. Instadeath is a kind of euthanasia. A collective ceremony in which to materialize the complicated decision of not wanting to belong, to leave.

Directed by Daniel Moreno Roldán and Roc Herms, this organization aims to help anyone who has conflicts in their relationship with Instagram and who, despite the willingness, is not able to solve them. During the course of this session, we reflected on our presence on the social media, we remembered past moments and we did group therapy to face this disconnection process with strength and determination.

However, if when you reach the precipice you have not been able to jump, if you could not take the last step, do not worry. Unlike. We will applaud your honesty and appreciate your company and reflection during the trip. Instadeath does not intend to demonize social media, but it does seek to delve into its dark depths.

Roc Herms Pont
In 1978, Gary Thuerk and his assistant Carl Gartley sent the first mass email for advertising purposes, reaching 393 users of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (or Arpanet), without knowing that they had just sent the first example of what later it would be known as SPAM. That same year, just over 9,000 kilometers away, Roc Herms was born. 28 years later, he discovers how to learn through photography, managing to combine his interest in the internet, video games and the digitization process that the human species is undergoing. His works have been exhibited in the group shows From Here On (Center d’Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona) and Photography 2.0 (Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid) curated by Joan Fontcuberta, as well as at the Noorderlicht Photo Festival (Holland) or the Platine Festival (Germany), among others.

Daniel Moreno Roldán 
Born in Barcelona in 1990, he is an artist and musician. His most recent work addresses issues of obsolescence, nostalgia and temporality in digital environments, as well as archival and preservation on the Internet. His projects have been exhibited at Granota Polly (Bombon Projects, Barcelona), Goodbye, My Sunny Child (SWAB, Barcelona), Assumpte: una forta intuïció (MNAC, Barcelona), among others. He is a member and co-founder of the Club de Videojocs, formed by a group of people interested in video games beyond entertainment, which meets every two months in Hangar. He is one of the members of the electronic music project, for which he composes songs using computers and outdated game consoles.