Public Poster Project

Think your message, design a poster in 5 minutes and launch it to the world with this tool created by Raúl Goñi and Santi Grau. Enter with your mobile phone:

The Public Protest Poster project by Navarrese designer Raúl Goñi is a design tool for protest, a proposal from urban activism and open and critical design. Its objective is to give a voice to all the people who have something to transmit through posters and to generate spaces for free expression in cities, towns, neighborhoods and streets through the use of disused walls. Based on practical action, it mixes educational processes with the creation of posters to produce knowledge and carry out research that promotes social change. He also reflects on the transformation of the role of the formalist designer to one linked to social innovation, to strategy.

During the lockdown, Public Protest Poster has reached an unforeseen dimension and acquired its maximum expression: many people have used the tool, Raúl has organized screenings from his home in Barcelona and a network of projectors has been promoted so that the posters that are being designed find their place on the walls of cities around the world.

The tool has free licenses and is available only for mobiles. It is very easy to use it: you just have to enter the website with your phone and follow the instructions. When you have your poster designed, you can save it in pdf and share or project it wherever you want.

Raúl Goñi
Born in Pamplona in 1979, he is a transdisciplinary designer and researcher who studied Graphic Design first in his hometown and later in Barcelona at Escola d’art Serra i Abella and at ELISAVA where he obtained the Bachelor Top-up in Art & Design as well as the Master’s Degree in Design and Communication (MUDIC). He has been a professor since 2007 and coordinates the specialization in Interactive Experiences at the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering. In his first study, Inclusive Studio, he projected interventions in natural environments to change the ocularcentrist perspective for a more attentive one.
In 2010 he inaugurated his current space, Goñi Studio, specialized in research around posters, public space and other communication strategies. Since then, it has combined its activity with the organization of the only free Design Festival in Europe, From this platform, in 2016 he inaugurated the Design Workshops, a series of international workshops for all audiences that explore the boundaries of design with the rest of disciplines: music, art, gastronomy, dance, poetry and literature.


Public Protest Poster

Do you want to take part with your message? Create your own poster with your cell phone at before 30th August, and PPP will project it on the streets on September 5, saturday.