PoP Popular participation


Theme: Future is here
Dates: From August 30th to October 1st
Places: Aula de Cultura de Algorta (Villamonte A8) and Info Point (Amezti, 4) 

Otros tiempos posibles, Miriam Prado

Future is here

This is the section of the festival dedicated to popular participation. After an open call, professional and amateur photographers, old and young ones, sent us their photographs. The result is a hugely enriching mixture of styles and genders.

The topic proposed this time was Future is Here. More than a hundred images were received from all over the world: Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Germany, Chile, France, among other countries.

All these images will be shown in a projection during the festival (Info Point – Amezti 4). The jury has selected 20 among them, and these will be exhibited in the Cultural Centre of Algorta.


These are the selected images. Enjoy them!

Visiones futuristas. The Place. Pekín (China), Patrick Altimira

Serie “Los Sentidos”, Leonor Benito

Estábamos allí, Marian Del Río

Mar de plástico, Kontxesi Elejalde

Cyborg Discusion, Vidal Escalante

Captura de Lanus, Julia Garcia

Luto por el pasado, David Guerrero

Username, Raul Kalesnik

Passenger, Estibaliz Mugeta

Colonización del espacio, Lorena Noblecilla

Another World, Alejandro Palomo

The Other Side, Juan Antonio Partal

London Getxo Green 3017, Jesús Rodríguez

Crema de ajo blanco, Lander Rezola

Run, Arka Devbil

Etorkizunaren aztarnak. AVE, Christoph Servatius

¿Todo bien?, Aitor Teneria

Mucho por hacer, Silvia Terreros

Traffic Jam, David Tijero

Amores imposibles, Ainhara Yarritu